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Ashlee turns SEVEN! | Fort Worth Child Photographer

I tried to post this last night on her birthday, but apparently I feel asleep at some point and when I woke up it was 12:45am, so I justView full post »

Van Reets go on vacation!

Our big summer vacation was to the mountains of North Carolina!  Lake Natahala to be exact.  We knew it would be great, but we didn’tView full post »

Father’s Day

Here is where I can’t hide how far behind I am on blogging….oh well.  I’ll be caught up in no time….or maybe justView full post »

Jayme Turns EIGHT | Fort Worth Child Photographer

My sweet girl has turned 8.  I can’t believe it.  She loves so many thing in life, but art has her heart (look at me rhyme).  IView full post »

Mom | Fort Worth Family Photographer

I think I got a little slap in the face by God this morning at church.  I say that in the greatest way possible.  I thought while it was onView full post »

Jayme turns 6 {six} | Fort Worth Photographer

My sweet baby big girl turned 6 this month.  It hurts a little.  Okay, a lot.  But at the same time I absolutely LOVE it.  She is such aView full post »

Ashlee Turns 4!

My little sunshine turned 4 on Tuesday!  I can’t believe it.  My baby is 4.  Time sure does fly.  She is spunky and sassy and sweetView full post »

Italian Vacation Day 3

Had to make room for “real” photos.  Click this link to view our vacation photos!View full post »

Italian Vacation Day 2

I had to make some room for “real” photos, so if you are looking for this post, just click this link!View full post »

Italian Vacation Day 1

I had to make room for actual “work” photos, so if you are looking for this post, just click this link!!View full post »